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About us

We Faidh Al_Mahroos Co. for Contracting, General Trading ,CCTV, Fire Alarm and Protection Services Ltd. to provide competent commercial and technical services to the level of Iraq and all Iraqi and foreign companies.  

Our company is characterized by the provision of services on a high level of accuracy and professional level, and using the latest technologies and specialized engineering staff and experienced technicians.

We started our business since 2005 and we were able office until 2015. During the ten years of professional services for more than 50 Iraqi and foreign company. The implementation of the latest projects in their favor and management to make it work with the smallest detail.

The company was founded in 2015 to service companies in favor of larger and wider than before, and the expansion of the company's cadre of administrators, engineers and technicians and the highest efficiencies available.

During the past period we were able to provide genuine partnerships with companies and techniques suppliers in Iraq and outside of Iraq, most Al-Aswar Trading Group Co. and Micro Wave Telecom Co. and Alfaranes Co., Farab and IPIC and other leading companies in the field of technical control and protection.

Our company is characterized to keep up with the latest techniques and follow-up work on the introduction into the field of implementation, such as optical cable technology and wireless transport a very high capacities and other frequently.