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Faidh Al Mahroos Co.

Concerns us and we are pleased we Faidh Al Mahroos company and all our possibilities and technologies can offer to customers in general and the companies, professional directly and exclusively the best and fastest and most appropriate solutions that fit their projects for medium and large alike and using the latest technologies and solutions, and all technical and engineering, technical and financial aspects of the very get integrated solid solutions can be relied upon to compete with international companies, and the highest levels of accuracy in implementation.

Diversity in the introduction of the regulations is one of the features and elements of the company that provides solutions for many of the systems for protection and communication, surveillance cameras and fire alarm/fighting system, and also high-tech tracking systems, diagnosis and analysis of information based on the latest and most accurate of modern communication technologies and which is most recently the optical cable and communications microwave.

Multiple partnerships with sober companies' stems from the principle of trust in the workplace, where the company owns a group of partners of local companies and suppliers of international companies and global providers and agencies of all the world, providing shorten the time and accuracy of the accounts.